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Toolkit: UN Country Team (UNCT)

This collection consists of tools of particular relevance to UN Country Teams’ efforts to strengthen their work for and with youth. These tools are intended to support UN Country Teams in incorporating the needs, recommendations and aspirations of young people into their UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Frameworks. The collection also includes tools intended to help strengthen the capacity of UN Country Teams to integrate youth in their daily work

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Meaningfully Engaging with Youth: Guidance and training for UN staff


This toolkit is designed to promote meaningful youth engagement practices across the UN’s work relevant to youth.

Conflict and Development Analysis The Gambia Updated - June 2019


The Conflict and Development Analysis (CDA)
includes a section on 'Gambia’s Young Population'. under the segment 'Key Conflict Drivers'.

Common Country Analysis – United Nations in South Africa


The United Nations Common Country Analysis of South Africa examines several components, namely: the progress and localisation of the SDGs;regional and cross-border perspectives; identification of gaps and challenges including, the impacts of COVID-19 on the development of the country and theSDGs; the financing landscape; risks and identification of areas where the UN could play a fundamental role. This CCA includes a specific section of youth.

Youth & Entrepreneurship


UNIDO 18th General Conference

United Nations Common Country Analysis: Uzbekistan


This document provides integrated, forward-looking and evidence-based joint analysis of the context for sustainable development in Uzbekistan and represents the best of the UN’s collective analysis of the development situation in Uzbekistan for the years 2019-2020. It includes a specific section on youth, (with demographic indicators, economic participation and youth well-being and security).

UNDAF 2017-2021 - The Gambia


The United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) is a key element of the UN Reform and the joint response of the UN Country Team (UNCT), the national stakeholders and the Government of The Gambia to the national development priorities with the view to eradicating poverty and contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Youth is highlighted in the country context of this UNDAF.

ITU 2020 Youth Engagement Survey


In February 2020 ITU consulted youth around the world on how ITU can engage with them as an international organization.

The youth consultation was created and led by the “Youth and Media, Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society”, Harvard University.
The findings of this survey have informed and will serve to support the implementation of the youth strategy.

United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework 2021-2025 for Uzbekistan


The United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (Cooperation Framework) will guide the work of the UN system in Uzbekistan until 2025.

North Macedonia Common Country Analysis for the 2021-2025 United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework


This CCA comprises a specific Section on Youth NEET under LNOB.

United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework Guidance


The Cooperation Framework now guides the entire programme cycle, driving planning, implementation, monitoring, reporting and evaluation of collective UN support for achieving the 2030 Agenda.

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